Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey did I mention I was going to Europe? Cuz I'm in Linz

After several hours of international travel through 6 time zones and two servings of barely edible airplane food I arrived in Munich with a few classmates in tow. As luck would have it, Vishak, Becca, and Emmanuel were also on the Delta flight from Atlanta to Munich with me. 

During exam season I really didn't have time to anticipate this trip like I should have. I don't mean that I didn't prepare, because in fact I am ready for any situation over here, but rather it just didn't hit me that I will be gone for an entire month. I was sure that I would never be able to travel anywhere again for this amount of time. 

We arrived in Munich at around 8:00 local time and promptly bought train tickets to Linz. From the airport, its about a 45 minute subway ride to the main train station. When we got to the Munich Hauptbahnhof we had some time to kill before the train to Linz chugged out of town so we walked a short distance from the station to a small Italian restaurant for some breakfast... or was it dinner or lunch according to our internal biological clocks? 

By this time we were tired from exams, tired from staying up the night before we left, and tired from the plane ride... but getting onto the speed train was a welcome distraction. 

The train pulled into Linz Hauptbanhof and we barely made if off onto the platform before the doors shut us in. Tip: before the train stops at a station, make sure that you have your bags ready to depart... almost getting locked into the train and forced to ride to the next stop 100 miles away is not an attractive prospect. 

We took a taxi to the raab-heim and got our rooms. Shortly thereafter it was tour time of the city via bus. (In case you haven't been keeping count at home, I have now been awake for over 48 hours.) The city is absolutely gorgeous. (Of course because of my U.S. toned sensibilities any old castle on a hill over looking a river is stunning.) 

After the tour we had dinner. The restaurant was nice, and the cuisine was interesting. It was basically a plate of meat with a few starches here and there. Also plenty of pilsner to wash it down. 

Afterwards everyone went out to a bar in the Linz main square called Bugs (something to do w/ a bunny). So, now I'm back in my room, stubbornly tapping keys to get this posted. Until next time, Tschüs!

The view from the room

The room

A few of us in the town square

Some of the views

Dinner talk

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  1. Your bed looks sooooo comfy for your size. Nice pics.