Monday, May 17, 2010

Stuff Naeem likes #29: Bier

I think that Europeans must hate Segways more than Americans hate actually walking. I mean for a culture that focuses on walking and bicycling so much, alternative transportation means travelling by car. This is a good thing, of course, especially since I have yet to meet a portly Austrian. So, doing as the locals do, we walked as far as our untested american feet would take us on Sunday. 

First we explored the area around the sommerhaus and found some scenic trails (of course everything is scenic when you've never seen-it before). Along the way we also stumbled upon a little local biergarten just minutes from the school. It was closed on Sunday (shocker), but we vowed to return the next day. 

Later that afternoon we went to the city and walked some more. We strolled along the cobblestone streets between the ancient buildings and their modern counterparts. Although every European city has a similar scheme- main square, really old churches, castle on the hill, disco that plays odd mix of 80's music and techno- Linz is nice because of the effort that the city has put in to revitalize itself. You can tell that the little city is trying to become a destination instead of a day trip. 

We made it up to some of the higher points and enjoyed the view of the Danube river for a while before going back to the Hauptplatz to search for some Döner Kebabs. (We found some for 3€ and promptly devoured them)

Today we had our day of class from about 9:00 to 14:00 (Don't know military time? Deal with it like we have to). It was interesting, but a little bit of a reality shock because up till now I was convinced that this was a vacation. Oh well, nothing in life is free, apparently not even a month long visit to Europe. 

After class we returned to the biergarten as promised and got a few odd looks as we ordered our glass of sweet, sweet liquid bread. It seemed to be a watering hole for the locals- and tourists were perhaps not so common. Aside from the initial raised eyebrows, we were treated warmly and enjoyed our drinks outside, trying as hard as possible to read for the following day's class. 

Later we went into the city in search of cheaper Kebabs (don't judge me, they're good), and walked to some different parts. I was surprised at the large amount of people walking the streets on a Monday night. Plenty of young people were out as well. Linz seems like a very safe place and so far we have found things to keep us entertained as long as we look. 

Here's to finding more everyday I'm here. Prost. 

Jared, Ryan, and I on a Sunday walk

Sunday part 2

Me, Jared, and Becca after class at the local biergarten :)

Biergarten enjoyment FAIL :(

Steven, Rebecca, and I walking Linz in the evening. 


  1. lol you said portly. okay seriously here is what we need to do
    1. make some money
    2. quit our jobs/school
    3. travel the world and film it, ill be the cameraman/producer you be the Talent/writer.
    4. Make millions doing what we love.
    Thats it. Seacrest out!

  2. Dude I will just wait for you here. Come join ASAP.

  3. awwww, I wish I were there too.. One day, we need to plan a trip.. Hope you are ok.. Oh, what kind of meat is Doner? Well, enjoy...

  4. The seething jealousy continues. I want to go to there!

  5. What friggin country are you in?? I am so non-global.

  6. Haha I'm mostly in Austria. But we are taking little trips to other countries here and there. The last week we are in Croatia.